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Chiropractor Encompasses Various Methods of Treatment for Patients

When you think of chiropractic care, you may think of treatment for car accident injury, sports injury or conditions such as sciatica or treatments that provide relief from back pain and neck pain. But chiropractic treatment is about more than relieving back pain and neck pain or helping injuries to heal. It is also about your overall well-being and health. At Theriault Chiropractic, our chiropractor, Dr. James Theriault, helps patients live healthy lives by improving their well-being from the inside out. Wellness services at our clinic include Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), designed clinical nutrition and standard process nutrition. Our chiropractor has also researched the use of iodine to treat symptoms and conditions.

Chiropractic care is considerably different from traditional medicine. In traditional medicine, you use an outside force, such as a medication, to repair a problem in your body, such as headaches and migraines or an injury. Our chiropractor uses treatments that repair the problem from the inside. For example, spinal adjustments and changes in diet and exercise habits help your body heal and allow you to maintain health after the problem resolves. With chiropractic and wellness care, back pain, neck pain and headaches and migraines are not masked, they are healed.

Contact Reflex Analysis as Part of Chiropractic Care for Wellness

Our chiropractor uses a method known as contact reflex analysis to evaluate and analyze your health problems, then he creates a program to specifically designed to improve your overall wellness. The analysis portion of CRA is based on acupuncture. Dr. Theriault can evaluate the condition of a car accident injury or sports injury by examining the response of various reflex points on your body. This method can be done for injury or conditions such as sciatica or it can be done to help you maintain a state of health. The goal of CRA is to help you reach your wellness goals and heal fully from any injury.

A key part of CRA is designed clinical nutrition. Designed clinical nutrition is a plan that is created with a patient specifically in mind. Dr. Theriault will recommend nutrients and vitamins for you that will give your body the ability to correct whatever its problem is, such as back pain or neck pain, and restore and maintain your well-being. In many cases, a mineral or vitamin deficiency is linked to many health problems. For example, iodine deficiency causes problems with the thyroid, decreased fertility, and cognitive impairment.

The vitamins and minerals you will take as part of designed clinical nutrition are more potent than those you will find in the store, as they are made using a process called standard process nutrition. Our vitamins are more like a whole food than a pill. Restoring a proper balance of vitamins and minerals to your body is key to your health.

At Theriault Chiropractic, our goal is to have you live the healthiest life possible. Health means that all parts of your body function properly and in connection with other. To reach your overall health and well-being goals, give our office a call today.