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    James Theriault - Venice, FL Chiropractor

    Dr. James Theriault is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Venice community.

    Dr. Theriault has been freeing people from pain in his clinic in Venice, Florida for 30 years. 

    Jim Theriault, D.C. is a dedicated man with an explosive capacity for his chiropractic profession and the people it serves. His key to success is 'Chiropractic First, drugs second and surgery last'. He believes there is no substitute for competent and thorough treatment. Dr. Theriault is committed to promoting optimal health and well being to his patients and community. 

    Jim graduated from Cleveland College of Chiropractic in Kansas City, Missouri in 1980 with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and established his chiropractic practice the same year in Venice, Florida. 

    Post graduate studies include chiropractic orthopedics, sports injuries, rehabilitation and extremity problems. Dr. Theriault treats disk injuries and sciatica using spinal decompression as well as nutritional evaluations, applied kinesiology and contact reflex analysis. 

    Dr. Theriault is a certified specialist in spinal corrective exercises. He is a fellow of the Academy of Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering with special designation F.A.S.B.E.

    'I welcome you to our website and I hope you will use it as a resource to obtain and maintain better health.'