Corrective Spinal Care (ASBE)

Corrective Spinal Care (ASBE)

Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering (ASBE)

The SOLUTION for herniated Disc problems

Orthopedic surgeons, general practice physicians, Osteopaths and even most Chiropractic doctors provide only temporary relief of a patient`s spinal symptoms. A patient can be under care three times a week for years, take an x-ray in the beginning and at the end, and upon comparison there is no comparative change.

Dr. Theriault, who has specialized in applied spinal Biomechanical Engineering (ASBE), can make corrective spinal changes in a matter of weeks that, under standard chiropractic care, could take years of care! In fact, this technology has been so significant that it has been able to help patients with scoliosis, failed back surgery cases and even herniated disc problems to prevent back surgery!

A.S.B.E – A new scientific breakthrough

From the ASBE research, the spine’s support structure is musculature, specifically, intrinsic muscles. Unless you re-strengthen the supportive structure, your spine will not change. You cannot escape gravity and you are constantly subjecting your spine to stress and load. A chiropractor can ADJUST your spine, and as soon as you leave him, your spine is on its way back out of position and back to abnormal motion. These special muscles dictate the motion and position of your spine.

Herniated disc problems - I like to call this the “ice cream sandwich effect”. If the cookie above and below the ice cream is altered in its position, the ice cream “bulges” out one side. The disc is the same. Alter the bone above and below the disc and it bulges or even prolapses out one side. It will permanently change the position and function of the vertebra above and below the disc, then the herniated disc load that is bulging it, goes away!

For children that have scoliosis, growth plates are an essential consideration. As a child’s spine is subjected to stress and load, growth plates are influenced. This may adversely affect the growth in these centers of bone growth. Impaired growth, abnormal growth or even premature closure of growth plates can happen if the stress on those areas is not alleviated. This leads to premature spinal deformity. 

What are the benefits of ASBE?

CORRECTING: the cause of the problem – damaged spinal support musculature. ASBE identifies and re-strengthens these supportive muscles rather than only providing temporary pain relief with your spinal condition. 

SLOWING/STOP: any spinal degenerative changes – degenerative arthritis that may be occurring in the spine, as a result of improper/imbalanced spinal alignment and dysfunction.

RESTORE: spinal alignment and function that has not been present in decades. This translates into improved performance in daily activities and major/significant spinal stability. 

What should I do after ASBE?

Participate in your care with custom designed spinal exercise maneuvers that will always be good for you. Once you have achieved correction (alignment and function), you must continue to perform these maneuvers at a very low level to maintain proper alignment and biomechanics, as you cannot escape gravity! 

Restoring spinal alignment and function back into the spine will make the most significant impact on a herniated disc, scoliosis and even failed back surgeries, which will be time, money and effort well spent. 

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